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Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet take the wear and tear of life. These treatments truly put the spring back in your step and the life back in to your hands.

Luxury manicure or pedicure

Come and treat your hands or feet to a revitalising, refreshing hour long treatment.  They will be massaged, exfoliated, and moisturised using the Eminence products most appropriate for your needs. We will file and shape your nails and achieve the perfect finish with a nail paint of your choice, which you can then take home to maintain the look, or if you prefer we can finish with a French polish.

60 mins £35

Mini manicure or pedicure

All the finished beauty of a luxury treatment, in far less time. We will file, shape and polish with a colour of your choice. £15


Gelish, paints on just like traditional nail varnish. UV light finishes and hardens the polish, achieving a glossy shine that does not fade. This long lasting cover stays beautiful for 2-3 weeks and is chip-resistant providing that your nails are in a good condition. The paint is easily removed with our soak-off treatment which takes 15 minutes and is free if you come in to have your Gelish re-applied.

Gelish fingers or toes £26
Gelish for both fingers and toes £45
Gelish soak off and new set £26
Gelish soak off and maintenance £21
We charge up to £10 to remove Gelish applied in other salons or if you are not having another coat applied.

 Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture is the original soak off colour gel nail system which has been leading nail care since 1988. It was the first gel nail system that lasts up to three weeks and soaks off without causing damage to the natural nail. Bio Sculpture gel cares about natural nail health. Treatment does not require dehydration prior to application or any excess buffing. It is free of any bonders and primers. Nails can be lengthened, re-enforced, repaired, extended while the natural nail stays protected.

Bio Sculpture fingers £32

Bio Sculpture toes £28

Bio Sculpture for both fingers and toes £53

Bio Sculpture soak off and new set £32

Bio Sculpture soak off with mini manicure £15


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