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The benefits of massage are countless. If you’re looking for a specialist sports massage, medical massage or to unwind with a soothing  relaxation massage, we’ve got something for you.

Below are some brief summaries of the two main branches of treatment we offer – relaxation and specialist. Of course it is possible to have a mix of both! A personal consultation before your treatment will ensure we meet your specific needs and create an experience unique to you.


Relaxation Massage uses various techniques to relieve tension and provide a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage combines the benefits of therapeutic touch with the healing properties of essential oils chosen especially for you.

Hot Stone Massage is a fusion of techniques massaging with gently heated stones to melt away aches and tension.

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment administered in the seated position with the client fully clothed.  It works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and face.


Medical Massage and Sports Massage use specialised techniques to treat your sports or other injuries.

Pregnancy Massage is tailored especially for expectant Mums and will help you to relax at anytime through your pregnancy.


Price List

Relaxation massage 90 mins £61 75 mins £5160 mins £4145 mins £3630 mins £31
Aromatherapy massage 90 mins £64 75 mins £53.5060 mins £4345 mins £37.5030 mins £32
Hot stone massage 90 mins £71 75 mins £6160 mins £5145 mins £41 
Indian head massage     45 mins £3630 mins £26
Medical massage 90 mins £64 75 mins £53.5060 mins £4345 mins £37.5030 mins £32
Sports massage 90 mins £64 75 mins £53.2060 mins £4345 mins £37.5030 mins £32
Pregnancy massage 90 mins £64 75 mins £5360 mins £4345 mins £37.5030 mins £32

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